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And then the government shut down.

Of all the things we could predict may go horribly wrong on our 9 week cross country journey: car problems (of which we’ve had a few), earthquakes, blizzards, hurricanes, even an asteroid strikeā€”a government shutdown, closing all National Parks, was the least of our worries.

So what’s next in our 9 week National Park hopping journey?

Hopefully the ultra dramatic politicians of Washington can agree on something so thousands of people can earn their paycheck again. And so we can head back east without missing Death Valley, the Grand Canyon, the arches in Utah, and the Rockies, just to name a few.

Unfortunately, we left the Sequoias 12 hours before the shutdown for a planned “electricity and cleaning day” so we could shower, charge things, and catch up on the blog pictures. We really wish we could’ve been camping in a National Park campground (as we do 50% of the time) so we could be part of history and experience what it’s like to get kicked out of a campground, out of the national park, and see just how much extra work it is to “close” millions of acres of park. If only we had a cell signal to see the imminent shutdown, we would’ve stayed for the fun of it. Because goodness knows we now have ample “electricity and cleaning days” ahead of us since we’re locked out of our parks.