Cincinnati, OH, morning

Sunrise Cincinnati: Covington

I love driving while it’s still completely dark and seeing the sky slowly turn to lighter colors. Did a lot of climbing in the snow to get some good photos in Prospect Hill this morning, but couldn’t get a good view from the street between houses. (I’ll try Mt. Adams later this week.) Glad I was able to catch some great colors on the riverfront in my favorite place—Covington!02-10-14_pic2_696 02-10-14_pic3_696 02-10-14_pic4_696 02-10-14_pic5_696 02-10-14_pic6_696

Cincinnati, OH, morning

Sunrise Cincinnati

Since I miss waking up with the sun on our trip out west, I’m going to try do a little photo series of Cincinnati sunrises over the next couple weeks.

Here’s the first shoot from the (closed) Kentucky side of the Anderson Ferry and the northwest side of CVG.


The whole reason I was even out photographing was to capture the awesome, semi-frozen Ohio River. Unfortunately, the balmy temps of 35° already melted most of the ice—I missed the short window of opportunity.


Hopefully this project forces me get better at landscape photo settings.