The Triangle Wonder quilt (in progress)

What I’m calling the “Triangle Wonder” is the first quilt pattern I’ve designed. My goal was to design a repeating square (or triangle in this case) where the “squares” disappear once they’re all sewn together. After much trial and error (and teaching myself how to paper piece and design paper piece templates) I came up with 3 unique 6″x6″x6″ triangle pieces. Each of the 3 triangles has a unique pattern of 5 triangles in it. As I sew each row of 17 triangle pieces together, the viewer shouldn’t be able to easily see how this crazy quilt was made.

My new 56″ x 79″ throw will have a total of 221 triangle “squares” and over 1,000 pieces within all those “squares”. I’ve got about half of the triangle sewn together—luckily, each triangle piece takes less than 5 minutes to sew. Cutting fabric is the mind boggling part because I’m being a stickler for properly placing all the colors and patterns.

Are there much easier ways to pull off this effect? Probably. But I’m happy that I took the time to figure all of this out by trial and error. Currently this quilt is on hold as I start to design more complex architectural paper pieces.

TriangleWonder-progress_pic2_1000 TriangleWonder-progress_pic3_1000 TriangleWonder-progress_pic4_1000 TriangleWonder-progress_pic5_1000 TriangleWonder-progress_pic6_1000 TriangleWonder-progress_pic7_1000 TriangleWonder-progress_pic8_1000


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