2013 trip, family, West Coast

Los Angeles and San Diego, California

First of all, I made a major faux pas by not getting a picture with Uncle Paul and Jason. I just didn’t take many photos in general, but we had lots of fun relaxing in Southern California for a few days.

After a delicious Italian dinner with Uncle Paul, he let us stay in a gigantic Hollywood Hills house he and Jason are flipping. I’d love to know what the neighbors thought if they saw us dragging our sleeping pads, sleeping bags, and backpacks into the house late at night. :) After cruising around LA for a day, we got to enjoy one last beautiful ride on Suladan before she’s sold.

San Diego was the first big city we’ve hit that I’d be happy to call “home.” It has a small city feel with all-the-time gorgeous weather and ocean view! We found ourselves spending two days at the beach since we had to delay our arrival to Las Vegas in order to meet a friend. (San Diego also kicked off my daily temper tantrums about the government shutdown locking us out of parks. The first of many places we missed was Joshua Tree National Park just outside LA.) I pulled myself together at the beach — life still can’t get much better on our awesome adventure!


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