2013 trip, Somewhere in between

Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier is my new favorite park so far! (For Clyde, it’s a tie between the Tetons and Glacier.) No matter where you are in the huge park, the view is absolutely amazing. And we finally saw a black bear—while driving—eating some berries! I had a stomach bug while we were at Glacier, so I was pretty groggy most of the time. But after a sunny day of restful recovery sitting around Two Medicine Lake, I felt fully recovered for a long hike on our last day in the park!

We drove a few miles outside the park to Browning, MT not only to get cheap gas but to revisit the place where I took my first mission trip in high school. I recognized a few buildings, but that’s about it. Biggest bummer about Glacier: I didn’t find the waterfall that I fell into ten years ago. At least I don’t think we found it.

What we won’t forget about Glacier: Being serenaded by the violin-playing New Yorker one night at Cut Bank Creek campground.


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