2013 trip, Somewhere in between

Badlands National Park, SD

In our last few months of sparse travel, my reaction to every city is: I love this city—I could live here! Similarly, mine and Clyde’s reaction to parks, oceans, and scenic places is like we’re seeing something more awesome than we’ve ever seen before. After only 3 days of our 9 week trip, will this feeling wear off? I hope not! The Badlands = awesome. And not at all as creepy as the “bad lands” from Lion King where the hyenas live (that’s what I pictured the Badlands to be).


One thought on “Badlands National Park, SD

  1. Beth says:

    It looks fantastic and I do hope that everything you see and do will be a wonderful new adventure. Don’t EVER let it become the same old, same old, that’s what makes life boring! By the way…that guy looks awesome all cleaned up :)

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