2013 trip, Somewhere in between

It’s official.

Clyde and I are moving out of Charlotte, putting all of our stuff into storage, and taking off on an adventure across the country till October! We’re sad to leave Charlotte and our jobs, but very excited for the adventures ahead! Most of our time will be spent exploring National Parks and Forests, but we’re also looking forward to catching up with friends and family in cities along the way.

Details on how we’re planning to travel on a shoestring budget coming soon…


2 thoughts on “It’s official.

  1. This morning, I got a few hits on my blog (themorningfresh.com) directed from your site, so naturally, I clicked through to check it out. It made my day to see that my adventures/blog somehow inspired you to embark on a journey of your own – your six week trip sounds amazing!

    In a funny twist, I’m actually moving to North Carolina once I end my yearlong adventuring – and I’m totally being inspired by all your posts about the wonderful explorations to be enjoyed in NC. Very full circle, eh?

    I hope you two love every moment of your road trip! If you ever have questions about planning, things to do, how to keep things on a budget, or anything, feel free to email me at katieboue(at)gmail.com! Cheers!

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